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I’ve Been There!

I lived with am impoverished inner voice. I was raised in a lower middle-class family that came on hard times. For years my Dad, Mom and extended family worked tirelessly to make ends meet in order to sustain the family. We had just enough to slimly get by. As a child, I was fully aware of our struggles. I would often hear an inner voice giving me caution to everything I did or would ever want since money was always tight. Even in adulthood, with my independence and finances, I struggled to overcome an impoverished mindset that was accompanied by a hauntingly somber inner voice. I existed in a Charlie Brown state with a constant cloud of guilt ready to rain down on me anytime I considered doing something nice for myself. To avoid confronting such misery, I began to live a luke-warm mundane life of routine activities to give my life structure as I juggled the day-in, day-out rigmarole of life.

I finally took a leap to get help from a life coach. As a client, I learned the importance of having a mission and vision for my life. Until that point, I lived most my life wandering day-to-day, almost aimlessly to fulfill societal, institutional and governmental requirements. I was not conscious of the influence of my socialization. I was molded to think and solve problems, but with an institutionalized mindset. I went through the wicks of the American education system, from grade school through grad school; learning everything and questioning nothing. I’ve worked in government as a highly skilled and disciplined employee, taking and issuing orders without question. While deep inside I had a yearning for more than the mundane day-in, day-out life I lived thus far.

I am now a Life Coach who has an experience to share, and the insight to guide clients to solutions that enhance their lives.

Headshot of Jason
Headshot of Jason

Jay Baker, CA, CAMS-I, CCM, CDP, PHR

Your Certified Life Coach

Jason (Jay) Baker is the founder of Aurora Life Solutions and Consulting, LLC. With more than 25 years of leadership, executive experience, and innovative thinking; Jason is a guiding force in the realm of life coaching, with emphasis on empowering his clients to take control of their lives. His focus on personal development sets conditions for holistic growth, thereby motivating one to pursue their passion and live life with purpose. Jason is a military veteran and retiree, serving more than 25 years in the United States Army. Throughout his career, Jason coached and mentored a multitude of Service Members and their families across ranks and services. His signature slogan, “Find and Live Your Best Life Starting Today”; has inspired people from all walks of life. His empathetic approach of meeting people at their point of need has enabled him to build trust and motivate those he reaches to take control of their lives and attain personal transformation by exercising the power of execution. Jason has helped hundreds discover how to realize their dreams and build a strategy for changing their outlook on life, and take action toward achieving their goals. A change maker, Jason Baker has been featured on Anchorage Daily News, AFN-Europe and the FYI Radio Show; and is expanding to reach everyone at their point of need.

Jay possesses several credentials that enable him to help his clients address the deepest levels for change. As a Certified Life Coach, Jay is a member of the International Association of Coaching (IAC). He is a certified Credentialed Advocate through the National Organization for Victim Advocacy (NOVA). He is a Certified Anger Management Specialist through the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). He is a Certified Conflict Manager through the Management and Strategy Institute (MSI). Jay is also a Certified Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Professional through the Diversity Executive Leadership Academy. A life-long learner, Jay is committed to helping clients exercise positive change in their lives.